The Segway™ Human Transporter(HT) is the first of its kind—a self-balancing, personal transportation device designed to go anywhere people do. It gives people everywhere the ability to move faster and carry more, allowing them to commute, shop, and run errands more efficiently while also having fun. It makes businesses more productive by allowing workers greater versatility, mobility and carrying capacity. It does it all by harnessing some of the most advanced, thoroughly tested technology ever created.

Segway™ HT is a simpler, more effective local transportation solution, allowing you to travel quicker and accomplish more in less time. You can travel over three times faster than you can walk, so a trip that once took 30 minutes now takes fewer than ten. The Segway HT is less expensive to own than a vehicle, potentially saving thousands of dollars on costs like fuel, insurance, maintenance, and parking. Even when you're traveling fewer than five miles and transporting no passengers, the Segway HT is a cost-effective alternative to cars.

The Segway™ HT will save you time and money. And it will make places we live cleaner and quieter Additional Segway™ specifications and additional literature can be found on the Manufacturers Official Website.

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